Remote Updates

Gone are the days of receiving software updates through CDs and floppy disks. Today’s digital environment requires online distribution to become the main mode of software distribution. The ability to respond quickly to security events and correct software defects over the air has recently revolutionized the mobile and personal computing spaces, and Hyosung now brings that technology to our retail ATM software.

Hyosung’s Remote Updates provides the ability for ATM operators running V06.02.00 or greater the option to install software updates without pre-loading USB thumb drives. The ATM will download the software content from our centralized, secure software distribution hub and install the update instantly. This solution offers enhanced security, automation, reliability, and customizability of the previous generation of update procedures.


• Update package authenticity is verified before and after package downloads

• Security-impacting patches can be deployed from Hyosung within 7 days to all ATMs

• Software transport is encrypted using industry standard encryption protocols

• Configuration is protected against modification


• Delta updates are not supported, increasing compatibility with ATM configuration

• Software transport uses HTTPS instead of the unreliable MoniView protocol

• ATM AP verifies integrity and authenticity of the update package to ensure no corruption of malicious tampering

• Configuration is secured against modification Customizability

• MoniView integration allows for complete control over update timing, selection, etc.

• Automatic update installations can be scheduled for a particular day of the week

• Licensing of the API specification allows for partners to implement complete control over customer updates


• Scheduled/automatic installation of newest software version is available

• Updates with high priority are installed automatically

• MoniView integration enables custom scheduling of update installation

The next time you visit a Hyosung ATM for servicing, be sure to utilize the Hyosung Remote Update service to get the latest version of software---no thumb drive necessary!