St. Mary's Credit Union Testimonial

By Adam Crider, Director of FI Channel Sales

St. Mary’s Bank Credit Union made the decision to transform from being largely transaction oriented, to focusing on member relationships. As part of that transformation, St. Mary’s partnered with Hyosung America and Convergint to maximize the value and convenience that their ATMs could offer their members.

By utilizing Hyosung’s industry leading ITM and core integration capabilities, St. Mary’s staff is now able to concentrate on high value member conversations and interactions while allowing their ATMs to handle the most common teller style transactions.

St. Mary’s core connected Hyosung ATMs offer complex transactions 24-hours a day in self-service while also allowing members and non-members to speak with a St. Mary’s staff member when required. While St. Mary’s is the oldest credit union in the United States, their technology and dedication to member service are on the cutting edge.

Watch the video below to learn more about St. Mary’s Transformation.