The 2700 Is Marking Its Place In History

2010 was an eventful year! The 21st Winter Olympics opened in Vancouver, the popular social media app Instagram was launched, the Texas Rangers took the American League Championship and Hyosung launched the 2700!
The 2700 quickly became a popular model with its sleek, high-end look and up to 6,000 note capacity. The 2700 featured one of the largest screens at the time with a large 10.1” screen and a Retail Industry first with its capacitive touch sensitive function keys. Since the first 2700 shipped, over 46,000 more followed and we’re proud of the adoption that 2700 had in the US ATM market. Since the launch of the FORCE ATM, customers have now gravitated toward this machine for the same reasons they gravitated to the 2700 nine years ago. All of the same features as the 2700 plus the addition of several industry first enhancements designed specifically for the modern day ATM Operator. Combined with a newer, more modern look, the FORCE is a natural successor to the tried & true 2700. All good things must come to an end… The last production build of 2700s will begin shipping at the end of April. If you’re a die-hard 2700 fan, this will be your last opportunity to get your hands on a new 2700. With the 2700 fan base as strong as it is, we expect these to go quickly. What about the 2700 Shell and the 2700T? Not to worry! We understand you still have a need for a shell and TTW solution. We have a Halo II Shell option in the works as well as a FORCE TTW (2800T). Stay tuned for Halo II Shell and 2800T availability. We appreciate your continued loyalty to the Hyosung brand of ATMs and we’re honored to continue to deliver reliable, cost effective solutions for you as you continue to grow your business.