What is Branch Transformation?

Bank branch transformation is the process of upgrading your branch’s capabilities to better suit the needs of today’s customers. Though more and more banking is done virtually - through apps, websites, email, or even over the phone – there are still many banking interactions that still require physical fulfillment or in-person interaction. Through technology, improved customer flow, and smart design, you can make the most out of your bank’s brick and mortar locations.

Hyosung America can identify your branch’s needs and find the right products to help you turn the bank of today into the bank of tomorrow.

An Eye Towards the Future

As the modern bank evolves, the latest technology leads the way. Retail banking branch transformation solutions from companies like Hyosung America include state-of-the-art ATMs designed to revolutionize the branch experience. Denomination selection and multi-check deposits are just a few examples of transactions that required a wait in the teller’s line just a few years ago.

By investing in new ATM products, you’ll allow your customers to get more banking done quicker than ever before. Customers value their own free time, and if they know your branches operate more efficiently, they’ll choose your FI over the competitors.

An Improved Customer Experience

Upgraded hardware looks impressive, but the software to power it is just as important. Branch transformation services that operate in the background offer core integration, communicate in real time, and provide strong security that keeps your customer’s data and money safe. With the combination of interior design, powerful ATMs, and smart software, you can provide a more efficient customer experience that will earn repeat business and draw in new customers.

Keeping the Branch Relevant

Banks, especially in small towns, used to be community gathering places. However, as anyone who ever waited in a long line to cash a check will tell you, that wasn’t always a good thing. With new ATMs capable of teller assisted video transactions, a few employees can handle an increased customer load. This means more time and space to focus on loans, mortgages, and other big transactions where a personal touch really matters. Upgraded lounge and waiting areas can make your branch seem welcoming and friendly, and keep some of that community center feel.

The Cutting Edge of Banking Technology

For both industry insiders and your average customer, banking has changed dramatically over the last few decades. A revolutionary producer of ATMs and software solutions, Hyosung America knows what it takes to re-envision the branch experience. We have tens of thousands of machines deployed across the globe, working in concert thanks to our secure digital infrastructure. If you’re interested in learning more about branch transformation hardware, software, and implementation, contact us directly.