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Cash management is critical for retail stores and businesses. Retail cash recyclers make it easy to manage your cash and keep it secure. Read below to learn more about Hyosung's cash management solutions for retail.

retail cash recyclers for retail businesses

Save time and operational costs for your retail business by investing in a retail cash recycler. Hyosung's innovative solutions make it easy to manage your cash in a secure and accurate way. Whether you are operating a convenience store, hotel, dispensary, or a specialty shop, you can now make counting cash a thing of the past.

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Cajera CR-E

Cajera CR-E - Hyosung’s latest TCR (Teller Cash Recycler) in the Cajera CR-E series is designed as the entry-level TCR model for Retailers seeking the most reliable and proven cash recycling technology while maximizing return on investment.

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Cajera CR-H

The Cajera CR-H MS-500 is a digitally secure, fast and feature-rich cash recycler for Retail locations. The Cajera CR-H modular design and high capacity cassettes drive Hyosung’s industry-leading availability and serviceability.

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Cajera CR-U

The Cajera CR-U delivers all of the functionality of the Cajera standard except, in a small package. Features such as transit cassette, self-audit, and continuous feed are all included in this mini powerhouse.

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image of cash being withdrawn from a RCR
What are retail cash recyclers?

Retail Cash Recyclers or RCRs are machines commonly used by retail businesses to automate deposits and withdrawal transactions. RCRs recycle the money that is deposited into the machine by automatically securing it in the lower vault until it is needed for dispensing. The machine then takes from the same cash vault to dispense cash for withdrawals. This makes managing cash extremely efficient and highly accurate.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Profitability

Retail Cash Recyclers create a more efficient work environment for your business. Whether you are a cannabis dispensary that spends hours every week counting the cash in your vault or you are a hotel manager that needs to check the machine cash levels on a daily basis, RCRs eliminate these mundane tasks and replace them with sophisticated technology. Spend less time counting cash and more time tending to valuable customer interactions.