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Hyosung’s Customer Experience Center (CXC) in Dallas, Texas, allows customers and prospects to experience Hyosung’s newest innovations and prototypes. 

See how Hyosung can inspire transformative change for your company.

Hyosung's Customer Experience Center

The CXC is a 6,729 square foot facility featuring Hyosung’s industry-leading solutions and the latest ATM technology innovations. A guided multimedia experience takes a visitor through the Hyosung story, leading to both a bank branch and retail store vignette. This allows visitors to fully explore how Hyosung solutions improve the customer experience while reducing operational costs. 

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Be Inspired

Hyosung is inspired to connect you to the best self-service and cash management solutions in the banking and retail markets. As the industry leader in core integration and recycling, Hyosung has developed and implemented real solutions that are proven to inspire businesses and financial institutions. See how Hyosung can inspire innovative solutions that drive growth.

Technology That Scales With You

Reimagine the latest in connected banking with Hyosung’s enhanced self-service and cash automation technology. View Hyosung’s entire banking lineup and demo the advanced software and hardware solutions that Hyosung has to offer. Have a first look at Hyosung’s industry leading core integration and experience the new Digital Desk and transit cassette.

Powering Retail

Hyosung is the retail ATM market share leader in North America, with 80% of the market utilizing Hyosung retail ATMs and technology. Hyosung realizes retail moves fast and owners are always looking for new ways to attract new customers by offering value-added applications. Whether you are looking for ATMs or Cash Recyclers, come visit the CXC to learn about the bank grade technology that is being offered for the retail market today.

Imagine Your Branch

Customer’s demands for a branch experience have increased over the last decade. Expand your self-service capabilities beyond standard transactions and offer a rich banking experience to customers, with access to tellers as needed. Explore how recycling ATMs through a closed cash cycle can improve branch operations. Hyosung’s bank branch setting allows visitors to imagine how a connected branch experience will impact efficiency and deliver a customized, superior consumer experience.

The Future of Hyosung

We don’t rest on our success. At Hyosung, every employee and business partner is encouraged to drive innovation. Our forward-thinking approach to financial and retail solutions ensures we are always pioneering new solutions and services for today with tomorrow in mind. Technological innovation never stops -- neither do we.

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Designed for banking
Designed for banking

Streamline your branch and eliminate unnecessary wait time. Hyosung’s innovative hardware solutions are the perfect combination of expected customer experience and branch efficiency.

Software that connects
Software that connects

No competitor offers a better suite of software solutions to redefine your branch. Enhanced self-service solutions, core integration with regulatory institutions, and in-depth managed services make Hyosung the number one choice for banks.