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Hyosung’s engineering helps banks transform their branches. Together, we provide solutions to help your branches better service customers each day.

Redefining the Branch

Our banking machines help with your branch transformation. Whether you want to save money on cash loading with recycling, focus on your customers for more hours each day with core integration and video-enabled teller machines, or provide machines that do more, Hyosung has you covered.

ATM Self-Service Banking

Hyosung’s core integrated technology provides consumers with the ability to request video-teller assistance when needed. This industry-leading technology allows consumers to complete up to 80% of banking transactions without teller assistance.

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Small-Footprint Solutions

Hyosung offers small-footprint solutions that fit within your space. We provide financial institutions the ability to offer full functionality including cash and check deposits and denomination selection powered by today’s latest recycling technology, with easy replenishment. With the changing demands, especially where space is a premium, Hyosung offers industry-leading technology that fits where you need it.  

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Recycling Technology

Our recycling technology is production-proven in the US across all ATM form factors. Save time and money on cash transit costs and focus on what matters most, your customers. See why we are the leaders in cash recycling today.

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Teller Cash Recyclers

Hyosung's TCRs provide extremely accurate and automated cash management solutions. Reduce teller's cash handling time and error with our best in class technology.

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Cash Management

Securely store cash and rely on accurate accounting software with Hyosung’s cash management solutions. Never count cash by hand again.

Branch Cash Recycling

Bank branches can utilize Hyosung’s recycling machines to confidently accept bills and reject counterfeits. They save on cash loading costs and increase security. Hyosung developed industry-leading software to help banks most effectively manage recycling machines.

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Teller Cash Recycling

Teller Cash Recycling can help your financial institution reduce cash replenishment costs, save time, and be an integral part of your cash management strategy. Hyosung has a proud history of improving cash recycling and is well-equipped to help your tellers provide the best customer service.

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Banking Software

Hyosung's industry leading software is multi-vendor to work on all of your hardware. This software allows you to bring out the most from your machines with core integration, fleet management, and more.

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Banking Products

At Hyosung, we are proud of the variety of machines we engineer to help meet all of your branches’ needs. We offer recyclers, bill pay acceptors, video-enabled tellers machines, and more.

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Banking Insights

The banking industry is innovative at all levels, and Hyosung is helping drive that charge. We are proud to help lead the market in a more accessible and secure direction.