Managed Services

Reduce waste of resources and focus on your core business by utilizing the 30+ years of accumulated technology and experience of Hyosung.  Hyosung provides Managed Services that offer the highest level of availability, reliability, and flexibility in the industry and delivers the best customer experience through the application of innovative, new technologies.  

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Service Overview

TNS Managed Service provides consistent and specialized services through a single channel through the entire value chain, ranging from the introduction of automation devices to their installation/implementation, maintenance and failure management, cash management, security management, and professional consulting services. TNS provides the best customer satisfaction by responding quickly to the latest rapidly changing technology and service environment.

Service Call Management
  • Integrated support for the 1st and 2nd failures through the Monitoring Center and the Integrated Service Desk (7/24/365)
  • Rapid response to failures using the manufacturers’ technical know-how
Operation & Maintenance
  • Fault management rapid diagnosis
  • Remote control and regular software updates on the fleets
  • On site maintenance and second level maintenance
Installation & Deployment
  • Establishment of the optimal deployment plan customized for the characteristics of hardware and software products
  • Stable and efficient installation support through professional technical personnel "
Cash In Transit
  • Providing a cash transportation network for safe and transparent cash supply
  • Providing a solution to optimize the size of funds based on the cash demand forecasting system
  • Operation of advanced security control systems through partnership
  • Providing security solutions against various software attacks
Cleaning & Sanitization
  • Cleaning by FLM Agent/CIT Agent/Professional Cleaning Agent
  • Different Cleaning Operation per Area/Transaction
Benefits of our Services

Hyosung invests in research and development to gain a thorough knowledge of the challenges faced by banks and other businesses. This expertise establishes a position as a beneficial partner to help banks and businesses grow through business efficiency, improved service, and cost effectiveness.

Hyosung Managed Services Benefits - Business Efficiency, Improved Service, and Cost Effectiveness
Business Efficiency
  • Bankers can focus on their core tasks and revenue generating activities
  • By unifying several ATM management channels into one, not only is the sense of responsibility is increased, 
but customer satisfaction can be improved as well

  • Compact management by professional ATM service provider
Improved Service
  • Through a strict management system, 
systemic control, and utilization of the equipment, improved service is possible
  • With Hyosung's services,
 business efficiency can be highly enhanced
  • With the ability to check the status of cash in real-time, 
the cash flow management can be easy
Cost Effectiveness
  • Reduce business expenses with low cost, high-efficiency business operations through Hyosung's managed services
  • Asset management can be easier with Hyosung's ATM outsourcing services
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Innovation, creativity, and technology allow Hyosung to provide our customers with next-generation hardware solutions that are incomparable. Our machines are engineered to provide consumers with a functional, user-friendly, secure experience.

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Hyosung's services provide services to provide their financial and retail partners. Whether it's improving branch management effectiveness or one aspect such as network processing, Hyosung offers expertise from decades in business.