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This new member of the Hyosung retail family offers an improved UL 291 business hours safe with added break-in protection, an EMV card reader, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad and secure communications protection using TLS (Transport Layer Security) transmission encryption.

HALO II close up
10.1" Color LCD Screen
1,000 Notes per Cassette
Supports 6 Languages
Innovative Design

The HALO II offers a unique, sleek design perfect for locations ranging from small convenience stores to high-end retail ATM locations.


The HALO II uses proven cash dispensing technology engineered for maximum up-time widely regarded as the best in the industry.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

The HALO II provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first time and veteran users to easily operate and service the machine.

Environmentally Friendly

The HALO II uses components compatible with Hyosung’s other retail models, allowing customers to protect their investment in interchangeable spare parts. ATM users also are given options for paperless receipts.

System Platform:

Microsoft Window® CE6.0


TCP/IP, Dial-up

Screen Display:

10.1” color TFT LCD

Input Type:

Option RKT, ADA Compliant, 8 function keys, PCI compliant EPP


UL 291 Business Hours Safe, Electronic Lock, Cencon Lock, S&G Lock

Card Reader:

Dip type card reader, EMV card reader

Cash Dispenser:

1,000 note removable cassette, 1,000 note drawer, 2,000 note removable cassette


Thermal line 3” Receipt printer

Power Supply:

AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz

Environmental Conditions:

Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C ( 32°F ~ 104°F ), Humidity: 20%-85%

Additional Features:

Lead-through Indicator, Supports six languages: English, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, Digital Receipt, Enhanced Standard 1 (Hyosung Standard), DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion), Earphone jack, NFC (optional), EPP Indicator, TLS Protocol communication, Decimal surcharge, Donation transaction


Height: 52.6” Width: 15.7” Depth: 23.4” Weight: 265 lbs.

Upgrade Kit:

Halo II Shell is available. Please contact Sales Manager for more information.

Sleek Design
Modular Technology
Energy Saving
Sleek Design
10.1" Color Display Screen
Maximum Availability
Modular Technology
Energy Saving
10.1" Color Display Screen
Maximum Availability
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