Small Footprint, Full-Function Recycler

The small footprint MX8200QTN model frees customers to choose how they want to interact with your financial institution by enabling a more robust set of self-service transactions including on-demand video assistance delivered through Hyosung’s innovative core integration option.

MX8200QTN close up
21” Touch Screen
2,950 Notes per Cassette
Microsoft Windows® 10

The MX8200QTN is a small footprint cash recycler that can be deployed anywhere. Its full function deposit capability enables financial institutions to extend their presence and deliver convenience to consumers.


The MX8200 QTN has a high cash recycling capability and multi-check function. It's high capacity allows for denomination selection.


The MX8200QTN allows for an unparalleled range of transactions types outside the traditional branch space when deployed with Hyosung’s innovative core integrated software and powerful video assistance solutions.


• Safe: UL291 Level 1• Alarm: Seismic + Heat• Locking Device: KABA Mas Cencon shunted • Sensor: Safety door sensor • Security: Terminal block for easy security connections • Security camera


• 3.1′′ graphical thermal receipt printer

Environmental Conditions:

• Temperature: 32°F – 104°F (0°C~ 40°C) • Humidity 25% – 85%


• Height: 51” (to tophat) • Width: 20.5” • Depth: 40.9” • Weight: 1,115 lbs


• Front access• State of health indicators across all modules

Customer Interface:

• 21” High visibility monitor (15” and 19” optional)• Input Method – Touch screen• PIN Pad – PCI compliant• ADA audio guidance – earphone jack• Card Reader – EMV compliant, anti-skimming and anti-shimming included• Contactless – Integrated reader (via card, smartphone or smartwatch)• Web camera – includes video camera and microphone (optional)


• Microsoft Windows® 10

Media Technology:

• Recycle - 4 Recycling + 1 Deposit cassette - Recycle up to 4 denominations with 2,950 notes per recycling cassette, and 2,950 notes in the deposit cassette• Check in Module (CCiM) - Check Deposit - 10 checks - Total check capacity - 350 checks

Additional Information:

• Communication – TCP/IP• Backup battery reserves the last transaction & safe shutdownOptional:• Palm vein scanner• ID scanner

Cash Recycling Technology
Modular Design
Cash Recycling Technology
Bundle Check Deposit Functionality
Modular Design
Bundle Check Deposit Functionality
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