Redefining the Branch

Hyosung is the leader in branch transformation technology and uniquely positioned in the market to provide best-in-class solutions. Our vast breadth of capabilities provide tools for a wide variety of banking automation.

Assisted Self-Service Bank Branch Transformation

Hyosung offers a full suite of financial automation hardware, a robust multi-vendor software platform, production-tested ATM recycling technology, and Hyosung-badged service technicians dedicated solely to our machines. This combination of complete cash automation, core-connected self-service, and the robust video-enabled assisted-service platform provides a modern foundation for all banking needs. Integrate with multiple banking cores directly and free bank staff from operational tasks. Hyosung’s complete hardware, software, and service offerings allow your employees to focus on what’s most important—the customer.

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Branch Recycling

ATM cash recycling allows branches to spend less time on all of their cash handling tasks by reducing the operational activities associated with cash. Hyosung has built and installed recycling ATMs in North America since 2013. Not only is the technology production-mature with over 10,000 units installed, but Hyosung also provides coast-to-coast service coverage. Additionally, Hyosung offers flexibility through shared technology across ATMs and TCRs and transit cassette capabilities that enable money transfer without opening the safe.

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Cash Management

Hyosung’s complete enterprise solution ensures maximum cash management effectiveness. We make it easy to reduce bottom-line branch expenses while also providing new operating models that make more efficient use of your available square footage. Our complete cash management solutions naturally embed automation for non-value-added tasks such as counting, sorting, and storing cash. The benefits are immediate—provide more accurate cash reconciliation while freeing employees to drive deeper customer relationships.

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Core Integration Technology

Hyosung’s core integration software connects directly to the core banking application, expanding the number of accounts and transaction sets available for 24/7 access to customers of financial institutions. These complete software solutions help bridge the gap between your institution and your customers, allowing them to transact when, where, and how they want. Since its initial development in 2015, Hyosung has installed core integration software solutions with over 100 financial institutions in the U.S. market and continues to grow.

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Enhanced Self-Service

Allow nearly 90% of teller transactions via self-service to your customers with Hyosung’s enhanced self-service. Hyosung’s self-service solutions almost eliminate the need for video, but allows for ActiveTeller video-assistance when needed without interrupting the ongoing transaction.

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Cash Recycling

Hyosung’s inspired engineering has modernized the recycling ATM by improving customer service, increasing security, and minimizing cash replenishment costs. Make a difference in your branch with teller cash recyclers (TCRs). TCRs can improve forecasting and provide real-time updates to thoroughly monitor daily activities. Hyosung offers the complete solution set—teller cash automation, back-office cash automation, counting, sorting, and self-service cash recycling.

Core Integration

Hyosung is the industry leader in core integration—no one has been doing it for longer. With over 100 core customers, certification on 11 core banking applications, and a dedicated approach to continued growth, our complete software, firmware, and hardware solutions have got your branch covered from end to end.

Hyosung Leads the Way in Branch Transformation

Our cash management innovations and self-service solutions stand out from the rest. See what else makes Hyosung a market leader.

Cash Management Solutions

Hyosung offers end-to-end cash management solutions for all sizes of banks, credit unions, and financial institutions. We make it easy to create a symbiotic cash ecosystem across your headquarters, different branch locations, and ATM network. In addition to our core integration software and advanced, real-time insights, we also offer convenient physical solutions like universal transit cassettes. Need cash in another machine? Our modular component design allows for the seamless transfer of bills between any of our advanced hardware solutions.

Teller Cash Recyclers

Teller cash recyclers (TCRs) can improve forecasting and provide real-time updates to thoroughly monitor daily activities. Hyosung’s highly portable and integrated transit cassettes allow for smoothly continuous integration with any Hyosung solution to minimize low-value teller activities such as cash counting and handling. Our modular component design allows for the seamless transfer of bills between any of our advanced hardware solutions.

Maximize Up Time, Minimize Down Time

Down-time affects everyone, but mostly it damages your bottomline. The modular design of all our innovative solutions allows for technications to quickly replace a part and get your machine up and running in no time.

Enhanced Self-Service Automation

Hyosung’s enhanced automation allows nearly 90% of teller transactions to be completed via self-service. Our complete software solutions and advanced core integration help bridge the gap between your institution and your customers, allowing them to transact when, where, and how they want. If needed, customers can access remote assistance with their transactions. Never waste time restarting a transaction from the beginning with a branch teller on standby to step in and help!

Discover the Digital Desk

The Digital Desk delivers state-of-the-art banking transactions through a simple hardware and software solution, without the need for teller assistance. Customers sign in securely and have access to a multitude of banking functions through a familiar office-style desk. We make it easy to help your customers bridge the digital divide.

Tellers Can Do More

Strengthen relationships with your clients by eliminating transactional tasks that keep you behind a desk. Increased secure automation allows for more time to interact with customers on high value engagements.

Branch Transformation ATMS
Designed for banking
Designed for banking

Streamline your branch and eliminate unnecessary wait time. Hyosung’s innovative hardware solutions are the perfect combination of expected customer experience and branch efficiency.

Software that connects
Software that connects

No competitor offers a better suite of software solutions to redefine your branch. Enhanced self-service solutions, core integration with regulatory institutions, and in-depth managed services make Hyosung the number one choice for banks.

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