Redefining the Branch

Hyosung is the leader in branch transformation technology and uniquely positioned in the market to provide best-in-class solutions. Our vertically integrated business structure allows us to offer a customized approach and rapid go-to-market strategy while ensuring a high level of serviceability.

Bank Branch Transformation and Automation

Hyosung leads in branch transformation technology with a full suite of financial automation hardware, a robust software platform that integrates with multiple banking cores directly, and state-of-the-art ATM recycling technology. Our collection of branch transformation tools helps banks transform their branch experience by reducing the costs associated with operational tasks, increasing the flexibility they offer to customers, and positioning their employees to provide better and more targeted service to their customers.

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Hyosung Redefining the Branch Family
Small-Footprint Solutions

Hyosung offers small-footprint solutions that fit within your space. We provide financial institutions the ability to offer full functionality including cash and check deposits and denomination selection powered by today’s latest recycling technology, with easy replenishment. With the changing demands, especially where space is a premium, Hyosung offers industry-leading technology that fits where you need it.  

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Branch Recycling

Cash recycling allows branches to spend less time on all of their cash handling tasks by reducing the operational activities associated with cash. Using automated cash handling tools will also increase the speed and accuracy of large cash transactions. This is especially helpful in branches with significant commercial volume. Effective use of cash automation tools can reduce cash-related operational expense by up to 60%.

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Video-Enabled Tellers

Hyosung’s video-enabled technology provides consumers with the ability to request video-teller assistance when needed. Video automation from Hyosung will allow your employees to work more efficiently and shorten wait times for your customers. 

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Leading the Way in Branch Transformation

Hyosung's recycling platform stands out from the competition. Hyosung was the first manufacturer with a full recycling product line. See what else makes Hyosung a market leader.

Hyosung ActiveTeller displaying a female teller providing customer service

Continue offering the same great service with fewer tellers through our full-function ActiveTeller platform. Utilizing core integration, ActiveTeller can provide self-service options to customers for over 90% of the transactions that typically come across a teller line. When a customer requires human support, ActiveTeller’s video connectivity allows a personal interaction to help accomplish the customer’s goal and provide the highest level of support.

Smaller Footprint

Maximize the space required for tellers with fewer machines that do more. Remote tellers are able to help multiple customers across multiple branches quickly and easily because core integration allows a wide variety of functionality without teller intervention.

Hyosung provides small footprint solutions
Talking to a bank teller
Tellers Do More

Customers can do more without intervention. Repurpose bank tellers to focus on revenue generating activities, business tasks, and building customer relationships.