Compelling Reasons to Deploy More ATMs in 2022

Since the advent of the pandemic, many business owners have been left wondering how the turbulent economic times may affect their companies in the months ahead. The good news is that even difficult times can open the door to new opportunities. For example, some companies are capitalizing on emerging trends by deploying more ATMs among their fleet for 2022. There are several compelling reasons why this is a smart business strategy– including those that follow.

ATMs Provide Convenience Amidst COVID Restrictions

The pandemic doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. In fact, even as vaccines are widely available, cases of COVID are skyrocketing, and hospitals are once again filled to capacity. So why is this relevant to the number of ATM machines you should deploy? Quite frankly, it’s because the future is uncertain. Even after businesses, including banks, were able to cautiously reopen their doors– some have been required to close up again– or change the way they do business.

Even if you aren’t concerned about local regulations affecting your business’ opening hours, you may be forced to close temporarily if you have a large number of staff members out sick with COVID or required to isolate. By deploying additional ATM machines, you provide greater access to customers, thereby keeping them satisfied.

Innovative, Full-Service Retail ATM Features

In the past, ATM machines for retail businesses were bare-bones at best, doing little more than dispensing cash for customers. Yet, times are changing, and today’s retail ATM machines are more robust than ever. When you look at modern machines, you’ll find that they provide a full-service branch-like experience, which brings added convenience for customers.

From bill payments to fund transfers and video assistance, you’ll find everything a customer could need—all housed within a sleek, modular design with a compact footprint. Furthermore, those retail features are very customer-friendly. Modern ATM machines are intuitively designed for ease of use.

The Convenience of Outsourcing ATM Maintenance

Another compelling reason why 2022 is the right year to deploy more ATM machines for your fleet is the ease of maintenance. In years past, it was more common for ATM operators to handle all maintenance activities– from cash replenishment to minor troubleshooting. Now, outsourcing maintenance is becoming more common and widely available. This is particularly true of retail ATM machines deployed at off-site locations– although outsourced maintenance for onsite machines offers even greater convenience for operators.

Partner with Hyosung America for Your ATM Fleet

Hyosung America has been the leading provider of retail ATM machines that offer greater security, functionality, and convenience, both for users and ATM operators. We look forward to partnering with you and taking care of all your ATM needs with our innovative Hyosung retail ATM machine solutions.

As the leading retail ATM machine provider, we are committed to powering a transformational revolution that pleases and inspires customers. Contact us today to discuss with our knowledgeable team the retail ATM features in our Hyosung ATMs.