What Is a Teller Cash Recycler?

As physical branches continue the march towards a mostly automated future, teller cash recyclers, or TCRs, are playing a significant role. At Hyosung America, teller cash recyclers are some of our most popular designs as financial institutions across the continent implement their own branch transformation strategies.   

We field many questions about TCRs, so we put together an overview on this fascinating technology. Hopefully, it will give you a greater understanding of what a teller cash recycler does and how these new designs can fit into your company’s branch transformation plans. Hyosung America offers a range of teller cash recycler machine solutions to suit your needs, so do not hesitate to reach out to our sales reps if you have any questions.  

What a Teller Cash Recycling Machine Does 

A TCR sits on the teller’s side of the glass and usually supports two tellers. Though there are differences between different models, they typically have more to do with speed and capacity than true functionality. All TCRs basically perform the following tasks: 

  • Accept cash deposits from tellers 
  • Checks for counterfeit bills 
  • Sorts bills by denomination 
  • Counts bills and verifies the total amount 
  • Safely stores the bills 
  • Dispenses bills when needed 

In addition to these actions, TCRs can also be used for “vault buy” transactions by other tellers. With a Hyosung teller cash recycler paired with Hyosung recycling ATMs, you can easily switch cash cassettes between machines. This means you can refill an ATM with the deposits made at the teller line (and vice versa, should it be needed).  

A TCR combines a bill counter, a small storage vault, and an ATM-like cash dispenser. If a customer shows up with a stack of unorganized bills, a TCR can quickly count them. Should another customer need to cash a check, the teller cash recycler can handle that too. The latest designs are incredibly accurate for counting even old or damaged bills and can detect counterfeits easily. They offer self-audit features and Windows 10 support. 

Work With an Experienced Partner 

Brick and mortar locations are faced with a difficult task; they must evolve to meet the demands of today’s customers and stay relevant or lose customers to an increasingly online industry. Branch transformation plans attempt to modernize and streamline the in-person banking experience rely heavily on technology like TCRs. Though every institution has different needs and somewhat different priorities, branch cash recyclers are always a big part of the equation.  

We Can Help You Assess and Address Your Company’s Unique Needs 

A leader in both banking hardware and software, Hyosung America has the experience you need in your corner when you’re upgrading your physical branches. We’ve deployed thousands of TCRs, ATMs, and ITMs in North America and can help you assess and address your company’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about the exciting process of branch transformation.