Why Retail Cash Recyclers Are the Best Option in a Post-Pandemic World

Cash recycling machines are an excellent option for retail businesses in the post-COVID-19 era not only because they improve efficiency and save time and money, but because they significantly reduce the total number of touchpoints, helping keep customers and employees safer.

The pandemic has changed a lot of our social behaviors, especially when it comes to high-traffic environments like busy retail stores and other commercial spaces. Hygiene, ventilation, and distancing are on people’s minds when they’re in a public space. Retail store staff have the same concerns about how to stay healthy and feel safe while trying to get back to some type of normal. There are a lot of things you can do to make your business safer for your customers and employees, including installing retail cash recycling machines in your high-volume stores.

Eliminate Unnecessary Touchpoints

A cash recycler for retail spaces automatically counts, sorts, stores, and dispenses bills, so your staff won’t have to manually do so. With cash recycling, you improve productivity and efficiency, letting your employees focus on more important duties and substantially reducing the number of times that they have to make physical contact with the bills. The fewer times that cash is touched, the lower the chances of spreading contagion. This helps create a safer, healthier environment for both your staff and your customers. By freeing staff from some or all of their cash counting and maintenance responsibilities, you also reduce the number of necessary employee interactions and allow more opportunities for distancing.

Eliminate unnecessary touchpoints and streamline your cash management process with a Hyosung cash recycler.

A Range of Other Benefits

Retail cash recyclers (RCRs) are great for eliminating touchpoints and helping stem the spread of contagion, but they also have a range of other benefits. The most obvious one is efficiency; by counting and dispensing bills quickly, you save on the labor-hours needed to manually count manage your cash. With improved data about cash on hand, you can take more strategic trips to the bank, visiting a branch only when you need to and being sure to stock the right denomination bills. Cash recyclers also dramatically reduce the possibility of human error when it comes to counting large numbers of bills. RCRs also keep your cash secure.

Upgrade Your Retail Business With RCRs From Hyosung America

Retail cash recycling machines can help reduce health risks in the post-COVID world, give you valuable data on your cash reserves, free up workers to do other jobs, and help improve security. Hyosung America is an industry leader, having placed transformative branch cash recyclers in financial institutions across the continent. Now we’re also bringing highly efficient cash recycling technology to your stores. From deployment strategy to installation, training, and maintenance, we can help you every step of the way. Modernize your cash handling strategy with Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today.