Whether in the branch or on a remote ATM, Hyosung’s Branch Transformation solution enables the most teller transactions at self-service. While our competitors focus on video-first solutions, this approach never delivered the promised ROI. Our software allows the freedom to complete most transactions without teller involvement and your business rules and the needs of your customers decide when video is appropriate. With nearly 100 customers live with our solution, Hyosung’s software truly drives Branch Transformation.

What are the Advantages of Hysoung’s Branch Transformation Software?

When a customer walks into your bank, they want service as quickly as possible. Adding more branch transformation ATMs is a smart way to address this issue. But at the end of the day, an ATM is only as good as the software it runs on. Hyosung Americas’ branch transformation solutions help your FI and ATMs work in concert. This reduces wait times while freeing up employees to assist other customers.

Elite banking software needs to be easy to use, secure, and offer seamless integration. Our branch transformation software services check all the boxes. They allow customers to perform a wide range of transactions with an interface that is simple and intuitive, on both the front end and back end. The latest security measures ensure that your transactions, funds and data are safe, and seamless integration ties your remote machines, branch ATMs, and teller transactions together. Contact Hyosung Americas today and discover what our software can do for your business.


Hyosung’s ActiveTeller solution truly delivers Branch Transformation and transaction migration from the teller line. Supporting both tablets and teller workstations, our solution provides a “many terminals to one teller” implementation that frees the FI personnel from behind the counter. Let your business rules decide a customer’s withdrawal limit, set thresholds on check acceptance, and the constraints of check cashing.  Video is available when you need it, but our solution is definitely focused on video only when required. Often used inside the branch, but also fully supporting your remote ATMs and drive-up lanes, ActiveTeller will truly transform your branch operations.

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