Hyosung offers three terminal management solutions to meet the unique requirements of our wide variety of customers. From large, multi-national financial institutions to small independent ATM deployers (IADs), Hyosung’s terminal management solutions includes off-site management to monitor your ATM fleet 24/7 for remote access, updating, ticketing, and dispatching functionality required to manage your ATM fleet remotely.

The Benefits of ATM Terminal Management Services

Whether you’ve bought out another business or financial institution, or expanded your fleet with machines from different manufacturers, you understand the particular challenges of operating a multi-model ATM network. Sophisticated ATM terminal management software is critical.

With ATM terminal driving services from Hyosung America, you can integrate any modern machine running Windows 10 into your network. Give your customers the most reliable and consistent user experience, whether they’re withdrawing cash, depositing checks, transferring funds, or performing any other common task.

Add new models to your fleet quickly and easily with ATM terminal management services from Hyosung America. Expand your reach into another part of town, or across the continent. For more information on the latest ATM remote management software, contact us today.


MoniManager is Hyosung’s flagship terminal management software for financial institutions, providing full fleet management for over 150,000 ATMs globally at the world’s largest financial institutions. The solution not only supports Hyosung ATMs and TCRs, it can fully manage a variety of competitive hardware to cover your multivendor fleet. With its HTML interface and fully customizable reporting and dashboards, MoniManager provides unprecedented insight into ATM operations, availability, and monitoring. Rule-based remote resolutions, remote ATM control, file distribution, ticketing and dispatching, and a variety of other functions allow complete management from anywhere.


Geared towards both retail and financial customers, MoniView provides the necessary functionality to keep your Hyosung ATMs at peak availability.  MoniView supports status monitoring, remote configuration and software distribution, remote resolution capabilities, dispatching, and reporting.  Avoid the unknown and let MoniView drive your retail or financial ATM fleet to better serve your customers.


Hyosung presents premium interactive solutions designed specifically for the retail ATM industry. MoniMobile is designed to make service and support more efficient and convenient for you. Click to learn more about our MoniMobile options.