Transformative Recycling

Cash recycling can reduce cash replenishment costs. Hyosung machines are accurate and secure, rejecting counterfeit bills reliably, so you can recycle in confidence.

The Only Complete Recycling Family

We have the largest network of Recycling ATMs deployed in the USA and South Korea. Hyosung technology is leading Branch Transformation and Recycling across the financial services industry. With Hyosung's newest recycling models and first complete family of recycling hardware in the industry, we once again set the standard and leave our competition at the starting line. Ready. Set. Go. Contact us today and find the right cash recycling unit for your bank or business needs.

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Hyosung Transformative Recycling
Branch Recycling

Cash recycling reduces time spent opening, closing and balancing; auditing, reconciling and settling; and cash transit processing by 60%. Commercial deposit processing speed also improves. The “cost of cash” - sourcing, preparing and delivering cash to ATMs, replenishing ATMs, and handling of residual cash - can be reduced.

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Retail Recycling

Hyosung offers industry-leading, cash management recycling solutions for Retail. Keep your cash safe and lower cash costs with our innovative recycling technology.

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Recycling Innovations

1996 – 1st Recycling ATM Installed in South Korea
2011 – Bill Recycling Module Introduced Globally
2013 – 1st Recycling ATM Installed in the US
2017 – 1st Small Footprint Recycling ATM in the World
2019 – 1st Island Drive-Up Recycling ATM in the World

The Value of Recycling

Exceptional Customer Experience
Increased Capability of ATM
Maximum Availability
Optimized Cash Management

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Hyosung's recycling platform stands out from the competition. We are the only manufacturer that’s certified and ready to go. See what else makes Hyosung a market leader:

Inside of a machine

Hyosung's modular engineering allows for quicker repair times while reducing the required number of parts. This straightforward modular engineering also creates a simplified “1 call / 1 tech” service model. Combined, Hyosung's modular design and best in class service maximize the availability of each machine.

Real Recycling

Hyosung’s recycling technology is engineered to be the best enabler for efficient branch cash management. It provides end-to-end solutions best fit to each cash point – teller line, back office and self-service channels. Furthermore, Hyosung’s true recycling technology impacts on branch operations, customer experience and revenue.

Cash recycler
Using an ATM
Core Integration

Core Integration is a full function ATM application with an intuitive user experience designed to connect directly to banking cores. Self-service is also available with the ATM and teller transaction services.


The Hyosung ATM Platform is completely configurable to meet any bank's needs. The consistent platform across form factors can be configured as cash dispensers, full-function ATMs, or recycling ATMs. The flexible platform provides an upgradeable path as a bank's needs evolve.

NFC technology

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