Over the last few years, self-service capabilities in banking have grown exponentially. The humble machine that simply dispensed cash to checking account customers around the clock was now being used for cash and check deposits that allowed instant account credit, making loan or bill payments, accessing home equity lines of credit, and many other banking needs.

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Hyosung’s Next Generation ATMs with Fujitsu PalmSecure Technology Revolutionize Industry

Hyosung is leading the evolution of self-service banking in retail and financial institutions. Through innovative technology and industry expertise, Hyosung engineers ATMs with the enhanced functionality and usability modern users expect.

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Man sitting at a teller desk

The Evolution of the Bank Branch Operating Model

The evolution of bank branch operating models has been a consistent trend within the financial services industry over the last decade. New innovations have continually emerged, and banks have adopted a selection of those innovations that specifically fit their needs.

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Hyosung Company Milestones

Since launching its new dedicated service division in July of 2012, Hyosung has been growing at a rapid pace. We continue to expand as the company aims to deliver unrivaled...

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Core Integration: How to Exceed Consumer Expectations

The ATM and self-service channel is ripe for disruption. Consumers today demand more self-service than ever, and companies across the globe are creating solutions that enable their customers to do...

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Windows 10

Hyosung and Win10: An Opportunity for Change

The ATM and financial self-service industries are buzzing with discussions about the looming Windows 10 migration. Microsoft has requested that customers transition to Windows 10, and the penalty for noncompliance...

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Hyosung: Cash Recycling is for Everyone

For a link to the full 2018 Self-Service and Software Trends Report from ATM Marketplace, click here.

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Hyosung and Win10: Your Chance to Change the Future

Coming soon.

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Cash And Its Consumption of Branch Operations

Consumers are still using branches. Cash is not going away; cash consumes branches processes, increases operating costs, and lengthens transaction times. Hyosung Cash Recyclers fixes all of this. In recent years,...

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