How to Operate a Cash Recycler

With a retail cash recycler, your business can streamline productivity by eliminating non-value tasks that waste time, allowing your employees to focus on providing better customer service. ATM machines with cash recycling capabilities use innovative technology to refine banking and retail cash operations. Additionally, operating retail cash recycler machines is as simple and intuitive as using a traditional ATM.

Using the touchscreen of a retail cash recycler

All Hyosung cash recyclers are equipped with a touchscreen to guide interaction and provide information, such as the amount of a balance or the current cash levels in the machine. Whether making a deposit or a withdrawal, using the touchscreen is easy. Follow the on-screen directions, selecting the choice that is applicable to your needs. By following the on-screen directions, depositing and withdrawing from a Hyosung cash recycler is intuitive and easy.  

Hyosung cash recycler’s dual balance and pre-balance capabilities allow customers to view multiple account balances with ease. Furthermore, the pre-balance feature also allows customers to transition to a second transaction after checking a current balance.

Making a deposit or withdrawal with a cash recycling ATM machine

Cash recyclers for retail make it simple and straightforward to deposit large amounts of cash into the machine. Place a stack of cash into the feed and watch as the cash recycler rapidly counts and deposits it. This feature operates on an automatic, continuous feed. This means the user can deposit more bills before the counting process finishes.

In addition to rapidly and accurately counting cash, the ATM machine automatically scans and verifies bill authenticity. As a result, the user does not need to take any extra steps-- the machine will automatically place any rejected bills into a separate cassette, and they will not be counted toward the total deposit or current cash level. Making a withdrawal from the ATM cash recycler is also easy. Simply select the appropriate option and wait as the machine quickly dispenses the notes.

Removing the cash cassettes from an ATM cash recycler

Hyosung ATM cash recyclers streamline cash management through inspired innovation and technology. Users can use the touchscreen display to check the cash cassette levels while also removing the need to open the secure safe for deposit removal. The only requirement for this process now is the removal of the secure cassettes.

Upgrade your cash operations with Hyosung America

When you’re ready to invest in a cash recycler for your retail businesses, choose the industry leader: Hyosung America. The inspired design of Hyosung cash recycler machines is brimming with innovative features like dual and pre-balance capabilities, and cash cassette security while promoting easy and intuitive handling. When you purchase our transformative branch cash recyclers, you will receive full access to our experienced team of Hyosung support personnel, who assist our customers with both software and hardware globally. Contact Hyosung America’s friendly and knowledgeable sales team to request more information about our Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions that will transform your business.