How Retail Cash Recyclers Make Cash Management for Convenience Stores More Convenient

With a retail cash recycler, you can streamline your convenience store’s cash management. Whether you operate thousands of stores across the country, or are a busy corner store in your hometown, you know most c-store transactions are made with cash. This means you need to make sure you have enough cash on hand to make change. Retail cash recycler machines from companies like Hyosung America are designed to help reduce cash handling time and improve efficiency.

Automation = Efficiency

Retail cash recyclers are designed to accept bills, count them, keep them secure, and distribute them as needed. With a cash recycler for retail in your store, you will always have an accurate record of cash on hand without having to manually count each bill. This high-tech automation means your employees will have more opportunities to help customers and attend to other essential duties - and you will save yourself an unnecessary trip to the bank.

Added Security Without the Hassle 

Hyosung retail cash recycler machine solutions improve security in a few ways. They reduce human cash handling greatly, which means they present fewer opportunities for theft or human error. Due to the reduction of required supervision for cash management, managers will be more available to attend other responsibilities. Some modern cash recycler models are also great at identifying counterfeit currency, taking away human error when it comes to counterfeit identification.

Pair a Cash Recycler With an Onsite Recycling ATM

If you have a Hyosung cash recycler and an ATM on site, you can swap out cash cassettes, effectively using one machine to restock the other when reserves are low. This way, you can reduce ATM downtime and ATM cash handling expenses while saving yourself additional trips to the bank to deposit cash. This is similar to how transformative branch cash recyclers help brick and mortar bank branches run more efficiently.

Work With an Experienced Partner

When you’re installing a new cash recycler and/or a recycling ATM, it pays to work with an experienced partner who knows the best way to implement this new technology. Hyosung America has deployed thousands of cash recyclers in stores across the continent and placed

tens of thousands of ATMs in retail environments. We know that businesses of every size value efficiency in today’s competitive marketplace, and we are committed to helping you reduce cash handling times, improve security, and optimize your labor force. If you’d like more information on the latest line of Hyosung cash recyclers and recycling ATMs, don’t hesitate to contact us today.