Retail Cash Recyclers and Your Local Supermarket

There has been a definite shift towards cashless transactions in supermarkets. New technology allows customers to pay with an easy tap of a credit card, debit card, or smartphone. That being said, cash still account for a hefty chunk of sales. For busy stores, it is essential to have a large amount of cash on hand to refill cashier drawers with smaller denominations. Cash handling can be time-consuming and expensive, but thankfully the latest retail cash recyclers (RCRs) can help. Like teller cash recyclers, retail cash recyclers can scan bills quickly, separate them by denomination, store them securely, and dispense them when needed.

Streamline Your Business

Retail cash automation makes a big difference in the amount of time and effort you and your staff spend counting notes. This is most noticeable when checking tills at the beginning or end of a shift. Because cash recyclers can count quickly, till checks can be completed in seconds by an RCR. By accelerating the counting process and saving time on labor hours, shift change turnover, and store closing times, you will promote an environment that benefits each employee and customer.

Reduce Cash Handling Expenses

From paying for an armored car service to running cash to and from the bank, cash handling comes at a cost, in either dollars or time. The latest Hyosung retail cash recycler machines will give you an accurate assessment of the cash you have on hand in real-time. You will know when you need to restock with lower denominations and when you don’t. This will help you maximize cash handling, which translates into lower operation costs. Retail cash recyclers do more than save you time when you are checking individual tills, they also save time when you’re bringing cash into and out of your store.

Improve Security and Eliminate Mistakes

A Hyosung retail cash recycler makes cash handling a less time-consuming, process, improves security, and helps to eliminate mistakes. Cashiers must be accountable for every bill in their drawer because there is simply no fooling these high-tech machines. Because the cash cassettes in an RCR are secured within a safe, it’s virtually impossible to steal from it without being caught. Greater accountability removes room for error, less physical cash handing, and promotes a contactless environment in our post-pandemic world.

Work With an Established Industry Leader

Hyosung America has deployed thousands of RCRs in supermarkets and shopping centers across the continent. We provide help with installation, software, and maintenance. If you are curious about whether an RCR is right for your business, check out our section on retail cash recycler insights. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.