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Your ATM does more than dispense cash

Written by  on November 15, 2017

Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest and fastest growing ATM provider in the United States, is reshaping the ATM industry as it stands today. Whether it’s state-of-the-art cash recyclers, core integration processing, mobile applications or remote service monitoring, Hyosung is committed to constant innovation.

Today, we’re proud to announce another line of value added services that can take your traditional retail ATM to new heights. We are delivering innovative, revenue-generating technology for both legacy and new ATMs to provide our customers with unrivaled opportunities for additional retail transactions, ranging from Digital Donations, Dynamic Currency Conversion and Cryptocurrency to MasterCard Cash Pick-Up, Card Free Cash and more.

Cardholders can now support their favorite national and local fundraising programs across the U.S. by donating in seconds with Digital Donations. Hyosung ATMs running Digital Donations can also be remotely activated to become collection centers for national disaster relief.

We’ve also made it easy and transparent for customers to know the exact amount being deducted when making international financial transactions with our Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution. In addition to providing transparent pricing for the cardholder, the product provides a new revenue stream for the ATM Operator.

Operators can now turn their retail ATM into a cryptocurrency-compatible ATM by adding Bitcoin transaction support from Just Cash. Customers can simply use the ATM interface to make quick purchases with no PC or cryptocurrency app required. Coming soon – the ability to cash in Bitcoins through the same interface.

Want to drive more transactions at your ATM? Not a problem. Just enable Mastercard Cash Pick-Up and become a cash-access point for ALL customers, even if they don’t have a card.

And, we all forget things once in a while but don’t worry, Fiserv presents CardFree Cash which enables users to make cardless surcharge free transactions. After receiving an Access Code and PIN from their Fiserv/Accel issuing bank, users can get cash without a card at thousands of participating Hyosung ATMs nationwide.

Check out the full list of value added services on our website under retail solutions for more information and detailed capabilities.

Jason Kuhn

Vice President of Product Marketing & Planning

Jason Kuhn serves as Vice President of Product Marketing and Planning for Retail at Nautilus Hyosung America, the largest supplier of ATMs to the U.S. market. With over 20 years of ATM and electronic payments industry experience, Jason has been involved in the development and rollout of a variety of innovative products and services. His many contributions to the ATM industry range from manufacturing, product design, custom software development, cardless transaction innovation, mobile app development, vendor management, transaction processing, PCI & EMV compliance, and more.

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